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With an affinity for dirt roads Jeff Fox asked his partner and SunLife Farm and Ranch owner Amy to pull her songwriting skills from the closet.

Having spent countless hours cutting in dirt roads to better navigate their farm, his passion to pay homage to the dirt road experience and its freedom from pavement while kicking up dust; the soilebration™ was born.

What a wonderful world it is when a fresh, life inspiring song gets released.”

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Sun Dirt Road? YES!

Wandering the farm and from the belly of a hammock, Sun Dirt Road was quickly written by Amy on guitar and piano. Friends and expert musicians from the past and newly introduced ones, remotely recorded the tracks across Bend Oregon, Austin, Nashville and Los Angeles, and Sun Dirt Road became a finished reality.

Tribute, Invitation & Challenge

Sun Dirt Road the song is both a tribute to the millions upon millions of miles of dirt roads around the world, and an invitation to people who are inspired to give their feet a vacation, join a soilebration™, and kick up dust while enjoying a dirt road experience.

leave your pavement - sun dirt road

Buy a Song – Help Save a Horse

Our goal at SunLife Farm is to build out a haven for horses from our non-farming native fields. Securing and opening acreage while adopting and caring for horses from groups that rescue them from kill pens. We want to provide a sanctuary to support a deserving full lifetime for horses in need.

By us housing rescued horses, it’ll allow rescues to save even more. To support the cost in doing this, we are offering the Sun Dirt Road song and other Amy Fox catalog recordings for download purchase via this site.

Please know that your exclusive download purchase of songs via this site provides huge impact to our vision to make the horse haven a reality. Our request is to please respect the copyrighted material of these songs. A BIG equine thanks for supporting!

Now, go kick up dust!

Sun Dirt Road Song and horses


Each purchased song provides a one-time use link to download the MP3 version. Thank you for supporting music, the farm and horses we focus to save.

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Amy Fox

Amy wrote and produced two full length albums and was an artist on multiple compilation and tribute album works.
Her songs are available below. Hear the album medleys and find some more tunes!

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“At the beginning of the year 1913, 90 per cent, or approximately 2,000,000 miles, of the roads in this country were earth. The repair and proper maintenance of earth roads are therefore of great importance.”